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Steve and Jacqui Wood


Hello & welcome. We are Steve & Jacqui Wood, and we have been together for approaching 34 years – married for over 30. We both have spiritual beliefs, rather than following one faith. As Funeral Celebrants, registered with the Fellowship of Professional Funeral Celebrants, & Independent Celebrants.

About Steve

I started my career in the 1980's as a Funeral Director, where I obtained my Diploma in Funeral Directing. I left this profession in the 1990's and went into Law Enforcement, which is still my main profession, albeit on the civil side. That being said, I am also an Accredited Master NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioner. for more information on Steve, please visit


Life in general has been good to us, therefore, I decided it was about time I gave back to society, and having built up a successful business, which can now more or less run in my absence, I decided to train as a Celebrant. 

I have been heavily involved in charitable causes since my early 20's. I feel that when the time comes that we have to leave this world. The life lived should be celebrated, memories relived, retold.  I felt that as I had experience in the funeral world, what a wonderful opportunity to help people in their time of grief.

About Jacqui

I have worked in the care field, before joining Avon & Somerset Constabulary, taking early retirement in 2010 after a serious car accident. I then worked for many years in our l business before taking a back seat a few years ago, thinking I would like to spend more time at home and with the grand-children. That being said, like Steve, I feel that we should not sit back and rest on our laurels; we should be seeking out new challenges, we both feel that education shouldn't stop when you walk out of the school gates.


Giving something back to those who need our guidance at times of  uncertainty is important to us. without wishing to sound arrogant, I understand grief, having lost a child. That said, each loss is different, whether that be parent, sibling or child. Those who have experienced the latter have a feeling of emptiness; we shouldn't have to bury our children; it is not the natural order of things.  

We believe that life should be celebrated: a life lived, a story told. They say we all have a book with in us; we all have a story to tell... Let us tell some of that story, albeit in a small way.

As Celebrants we will bring a very personal aspect to your ceremony. The funeral service should, in our opinion, celebrate the life lived. We will create a meaningful and personalised ceremony for you, if you want something different and more creative than a conventional service.

Have you been to a service that seemed impersonal – not mentioning the deceased, or very briefly? Well with us your ceremony will be unique to you; you can have it as formal or informal as you like.  

As Celebrants, we will personally work with you through the whole process, from our first meeting through to the ceremony. So, you can be as creative as you like, and if you do not feel creative then we have lots of suggestions that you may like. We can get to know more about you so we can make your ceremony / service more personal to you.

Many thanks for taking the time to view our site whilst, in a prefect world, we hope you never need our services. However, like taxes, death comes to us all in the end; we cannot out-run it.


Stay safe, in these unusual times.

Steve & Jacqui

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