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Why so many are making the same choice


Let us say straight away, as independent celebrants, the ceremony you want will be the ceremony you get. We will work with you to ensure that the day will be a day to celebrate the life of your loved one, the way you want it celebrated. It will be unique and distinctive: we write each service from scratch. We all mourn in different ways when we lose a loved one. This is natural – there is no time-limit on grief, but ensuring that the day of the funeral is the one you and your family want is very important.

We do not use templates, and you will get to approve the order of service first. You can make any changes you like – after all, it has to be personal to you. Funerals are very upsetting; the day has to be the day you want; it must be the day that you need, to remember/celebrant your loved one. You want to celebrate a life lived, one that has gone before us, whether a full life or one cut short – it must be the way you want it.

Our ceremonies are unique and take into account the beliefs, cherished memories, hopes and desires of everyone concerned.  Not being affiliated to any religion we can officiate at either non-religious services or those where an element of religion or spirituality is desired. 

Whilst we are Bristol based, we are not confined to this area. We will travel if you have a requirement; we are just as happy to travel nationwide if necessary. Just ask, we can work with your requirements.

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