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Need help writing a eulogy?


If you're stuck for ideas, the sample scripts shown here may give you some pointers and a general idea of how others have tackled their service.

You might wish to consider the following:

  • one or two A4 sheets often feels about right, if writing a speech, or you might prefer to just make a list of things to mention and speak freely on the day. Some people prefer to speak without any notes – this is okay too;

  • don't put undue stress or pressure on yourself to make a speech if this is going to be difficult for you – you might want to ask a loved one to do this for you;

  • the script might be an order of service, a speech, or both;

  • try not to be embarrassed about expressing your grief – it's this grief that unites us all at these times.

Patrick John Scally

Patrick John Scally
Interment of Ashes


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