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Steve & Jacqui Wood



In today's society, where people may or may not have a spiritual or religious belief, it is important to ensure that when the time comes to say goodbye, you say it in the way you want to. Tell the story of your loved one.

Planning a funeral can be a difficult time, especially when time itself appears to stand still. You may not know which way to turn … This is the time when family can come into their own.  

Choosing the ideal Funeral Celebrant to officiate at the ceremony is very important for you and your family: you must be comfortable with that person.  You will want the funeral service to truly reflect the life of your loved one, to tell their life story perfectly.

We can offer a non-religious personalised service from start to finish. We will meet with you, listen to your stories and work with you; we will write a beautifully crafted script that celebrates the life of your loved one, with solemnity, but ensuring that your love one is honoured. At times you may wish to inject a bit of humour … we believe that life should be celebrated, all this can be arranged.   

We also carry out funeral services for people with Masonic interests, as Steve has been involved in Masonic circles for over 24 years. Along with which, we both have police backgrounds; we can also assist with ex-police, or police staff, giving your loved one the service of all services.


We provide services in Bristol and throughout the United Kingdom.

From a Client



I can't thank you enough for the service on Friday, had so many people say to me after what a wonderful service it was and one of the best ones they have ever been to and couldn't decide to laugh or cry so did both


Thank you for giving such a lovely send off


Take care





One of us will be in touch within the next 24 hours


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Members of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants & the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants



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What first?


To enable me to create the ceremony you wish, it will be helpful to get to know as much as possible about the person who has passed away, as each ceremony is different and highly individual. This all helps to make the occasion more personal & special. This information is usually gathered by means of me making a home visit to you, but if necessary this can also be done via phone or email. 

It may be helpful to think about the following areas in readiness for my contacting you:

  • where the deceased was born & grew up; 

  • siblings & family members they grew up with; 

  • school days & childhood stories; 

  • partners, children, grandchildren & other family members;

  • closest friends;

  • armed forces/national service;

  • career and places of work;

  • groups and societies belonged to;

  • interests and achievements;

  • favourite memories;

  • musical taste;

  • sayings, stories & anecdotes;

  • what will they most be remembered for?;

  • did the deceased ever make any personal requests about their own funeral?;

  • will anybody else be speaking / participating in the service?

If you want something different or unusual ...


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Specific themes

If you want the service to reflect a hobby or strong interest – however niche or bizarre – please get in touch, and we'll work with you to achieve what you want …

A more relaxed setting

Unrestricted by religious paraphernalia, we have greater freedom in choosing where to host the service. Please call us to discuss the options available to you.

Tailored scripts

The service script can be entirely written by you or can be tailored by us to suit your needs. We are happy to advise you. To see some sample scripts, visit our Scripts page. >>

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